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    • Оценител на диаманти Нури Димитрова


    Nuri Dimitrova receives her world qualification as expert evaluator of diamonds – raw diamonds by the Ramat Gan Gemological Institute in Israel. She has an additional specialization from the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” in diagnostics and evaluation of processed and unprocessed coloured gemstone minerals. She studies it so that she can meet completely the needs of her clients who frequently contact her for a consultation regarding a jewel in which there is a combination of precious stones – diamonds + other colourful gemstones (sapphire, ruby, emerald, pearls, etc.) Nuri Dimitrova is the founder and owner of NURI DIAMONDS, one of the few licensed laboratories in Bulgaria which receives every week a paid report with prices from the diamond bourse in New York of which NURI DIAMONDS is a member.

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    A quack: a slang term for a self-proclaimed “evaluator” with no official title and gemological education.
    A jeweler: the jeweler is a craftsman who has the ability and the experience of making or repairing jewelry. This ability does not mean that he is a evaluator.
    A jeweler by education: same as the above definition with the difference that the jeweler by education has passed all the courses declared compulsory by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
    Gemstone cutter: a person who cuts, shapes and polishes colourful gemstones or diamonds.
    Gemological artist: a specialist whose abilities exceed those of the cutter. He not only chisels the diamond out of the raw material but makes an art project of the end product in advance. The gemological artists are the best in their field because they have artistic vision.
    A gemologist with education: a professional who has passed all courses and exams (theory and practice) of the GIA program.
    A fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain (FGA): a professional who has taken and passed all exams and courses of the FGA program.
    A watchmaker: a specialist who was trained by a school or who has been an apprentice and who has the ability to make watches, their parts, to repair them and restore them. The fact that a person may only change batteries does not make him a watchmaker.
    A certified watchmaker: same as the above with the difference that he has passed all courses and exams at a legitimate education provider and has taken a national examination in the theory and practice of watchmaking.
    A watchmaker-technician: a person who can carry out basic repairs of watches but who has not got the formal education or training and has not passed all exams. He is not a certified watchmaker.
    A wholesale jewel merchant: a person who sells to the jewelry retailers. There are a lot of jewelry retailers who try to pass for wholesale jewel merchants. This is wrong. The wholesale transaction is between a distributor, a wholesale merchant or a manufacturer and a retailer for reselling. And an end-user sale is a retail transaction. A real wholesale merchant would never sell to the public.
    A jewelry retailer: shops which sell to the end user. This does not make the merchant an evaluator or a jeweler.
    These are but a fraction of the titles that you may come across within the trade. There are various companies and associations which issue “titles” against payment of membership fees or the attendance of several hours worth of lectures followed by a formal exam.
    If you hear the sentence: “I don’t need all those pieces of paper on my wall (diplomas). I have been in the diamond business for over 20 years” or such like, NURI DIAMONDS advises you to find another person to value your precious stones. The continuous professional development and enrichment of one’s qualifications is the only response of every true professional in the diamond business.