• Nuri Diamonds company

    NURI DIAMONDS is a leader in the diagnostics and valuing of processed and unprocessed diamonds, the consulting in the sphere of investment diamonds, the valuation of contemporary, antique and hereditary diamonds, as well as one of the principal tradesmen in designer jewellery.

    NURI DIAMONDS assists in the purchasing of diamonds for investment purposes and guarantees the best offer. That’s because diamonds have definitely been the most stable of investments during the past decade. The licensed laboratory is a direct trading body from the South African and Antwerp diamond bourses. For every purchase, you get a certificate which guarantees 100 % quality, price and liquidity. In this way, NURI DIAMONDS assists you from the moment of the consultation to the finding of the diamond and, most importantly, guarantees the correct investment of your financial means.

    In order to be completely competent in their valuation at any given moment, NURI DIAMONDS Laboratory gets a list of current prices by parameters from the World Diamond Bourse. An expert valuation is carried out after a previously appointed consultation with Nuri Dimitrova.